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About NAGC
NAGC is the nation’s largest, most respected membership association representing the interest of 120,000 businesses in the government procurement process. NAGC has a marketing reach of more than 500,000 through our professional service programs. 

Review Process
A committee comprised of NAGC members will review all proposals submitted on a quarterly basis. It is strongly recommended that you have prior experience with affinity relationships prior to making a proposal. 

Your proposal must meet these basic criteria to be considered:

  • Brief overview of your product/service
  • The benefits to NAGC and its membership
  • Outline your concept of an affinity relationship
  • Include a proposed schedule for implementation
  • NAGC branding of products and services
  • Incentive for member to purchase through the NAGC partnership
  • Incentive for the association to market the partnership
  • Ability to track leads generated by the partnership
  • Ability to produce adequate marketing materials for distribution
  • Excellent customer service

NAGC will not pay any fee for participation in affinity relationships.

Committee requirements for review:

  • Must be a member in good standing with the association
  • Must participate in the corporate sponsorship program
  • Must not compete substantively with current offerings

Meeting requirements for review does not guarantee approval of partnership offering.

Marketing Channels
All marketing by NAGC is voluntary and dependent on the popularity of a program and the relationship it promotes with our membership. These are the available channels for marketing, but are not guaranteed for your program.

  • New Member Kit Insert*
  • Invoice Insert
  • Print Newsletter
  • E-mail Newsletter
  • E-mail Marketing**
  • Web Site Advertisement
  • Member Benefit Outline
  • Member Benefit Website
  • Seminar Participation
  • Convention Participation

*Required participation by partner
** Limited availability




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