COVID-19: Resources for Government Contractors

The effects of coronavirus -- and the government responses -- have brought numerous changes to the landscape for Federal Contractors.  Since the declaration of a National Emergency earlier in the month, many parts of the country are now under "Shelter-in-place" orders.
The closure of government buildings to encourage social distancing and prevent the spread of Covid-19, has resulted in significant disruptions for contractors and agencies they work with.  
Challenges continue to evolve from a shift towards tele-work, shortages in the supply chain, and shifts in manufacturing to address imminent needs.
At the end of this past week the President signed into law a $2 trillion stimulus and emergency appropriations package into law, aimed at alleviating the economic and health impacts of the coronavirus pandemic.
Contractors are still coming to understand changing rules and emergency waivers issued by agencies, while navigating abrupt changes in the workforce and supply chain.
Similarly, quick adjustments are being made to come to understand the meaning of certain  provisions of the  stimulus package, how they will be carried out, and how these provisions will impact contractors and bring relief to them and their workforce. 
We provide this resource to give contractors information and resources to better understand the what changes are being made at the agency level and how best to navigate them.
We also outline provisions and their objectives in the Stimulus package and how they are expected to affect contractors.
Additional NAGC COVID-19 Content

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