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Dwight D. EisenhowerSince the founding of our nation, the government has procured products and services from private businesses. Organized federal government contracting began in 1798 with contracts to provide rations for outposts in the west. In 1808 the first procurement law still in existence was passed requiring that no government agent benefit from a contract. It wasn't until World War II and the expansion of the military during the Dwight D. Eisenhower administration that government procurement expanded rapidly and consistently.

In 1953, President Eisenhower issued Executive Order 10479 created the President's Committee on Government Contracts. This committee was charged with compliance issues and expanding opportunities in federal government contracting until it was dissolved in 1961.

The National Association of Government Contractors was started in 1957 by a coalition of small business owners in response to the growing government procurement industry and a desire to build upon the focus on government contracting created by the President's Committee on Government Contracts. As contracting expanded, smaller companies needed a voice in the process that NAGC was developed to provide. NAGC has grown from that small coalition to one of the largest, most powerful voices for small contractors on Capitol Hill. Since its founding, NAGC has developed from an advocacy organization into an association providing advocacy, education, business development and services to member companies.  Read More

When you join The National Association of Government Contractors, you know you've joined a special group of professionals. Yes, the quality service and training publications are great tools to get involved in government contracting. However, we are foremost an organization dedicated to sound government procurement practices that open the process to a diverse business community, including small, veteran and minority owned businesses as well as the major corporations we represent.

NAGC is an organization of business owners engaged in, or interested in, contracts with government, universities and private corporations. Since 1957, we have been dedicated to expanding contracting opportunities for small businesses and those new to the procurement process. We offer training, services and networking opportunities to get your business involved in procurement with government at all levels.

Joining the National Association of Government Contractors demonstrates your commitment to professional practices and continuing education in the field of government procurement. Members range from the self-employed to major prime contractors such as FedEx, Sprint-Nextel, Microsoft Dynamics, PC Mall, and Raytheon Aircraft.

Here you will find a staff of procurement professionals, ready and willing to help you grow your business through government contracts. Learn more about what we offer in our benefits section and join online now for immediate access to our programs and services.  Read More

Each member of the government contracting community is obligated to continuously improve knowledge and performance in the field, and to abide by the standards set forth below.

Each member of the NAGC government contracting community agrees:

  • To serve the government contracting community to the best of their ability
  • To conduct themselves in a manner that brings credit upon the community
  • To avoid conflicts of interest
  • To comply with all laws and contracts; upholding security of protected information
  • To remain informed and educated in the field of government contracting
  • To share knowledge and promote growth of the field through assisting those new to the field
  • To never influence others to breach this code
Each member of NAGC agrees to abide by this code and report any infractions of this code to the association or appropriate legal authority.  Read More

The National Association of Government Contractors is guided by an advisory board and run by a professional staff headquartered in Washington, D.C. The staff is responsible for the day-to-day activities of the association, while the board sets the priorities for the association in accordance with our mission.

Mission Statement
The National Association of Government Contractors is an advocate for policies that benefit America's business community in the government procurement process. NAGC provides programs and events that increase business opportunities for member companies.

Board of Advisors
A Board of Advisors directs the advocacy mission of the National Association of Government Contractors. Members meet annually to select priority issues and establish the government relations agenda for NAGC at meetings and via membership surveys. The Board meets twice each year to direct the advocacy mission of the association. Board members serve three-year terms and are chosen by the Nominating Committee. To nominate a board candidate, please review the Board Nomination Process.

Education Foundation
The National Association of Government Contractors Education Foundation oversees the accreditation of the Certified Government Contractor Programs. The Foundation certifies study materials and exam content each year to assure compliance with new government standards and agency procedures.

Founder's Circle
The Founders Circle is a group of long-term members who have made a commitment to government contracting and the future of the National Association of Government Contractors. The Founders Circle membership is by invitation only to long-term members of NAGC.  Read More

The National Association of Government Contractors (NAGC) may join or form coalitions with other like-minded organizations to promote a position important to the government contracting community on the state or federal level. Here we list current coalitions NAGC is participating in, or spearheading as an advocate for small businesses in government procurement.  Read More

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