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During a ceremony held in Wisconsin this past week, President Trump signed yet another executive order, this one entitled, “Buy American and Hire American.” While it remains unclear what the order may mean for contractors, there has been extensive conjecture on the subject.  Read More

Reports indicate that the executive order from the Obama administration mandating 56 hours of paid sick leave for government contractors may stay intact under the Trump administration, at least for the moment.  Read More

Facing industry criticism, the General Services Administration has begun to consider whether to do away with their Transactional Data Rule program, launched in an effort to stream-line requirements for commercial vendors in the transactional data reporting process.  Read More

According to recent article in the Atlantic, the US Department of Labor believes Google has engaged in practices allowing unequal pay among men and women. Pending a court ruling it has been requested the company's federal contracts be suspended.  Read More

United States President, Donald Trump
President Trump has issued an executive order repealing the "Blacklisting" rule.

As expected, President Trump has officially signed the resolution undoing the rule that the Obama administration had put in place to effectively blacklisted federal contractors that were convicted of or simply charged with violating federal worker protection laws.  Read More

Baltimore-area contractor, Rainier Ramos pleaded guilty recently to bribery in connection with his duties at the U.S. Army Public Health Command at Aberdeen Proving Ground, according to a Department of Justice Report.  Read More

Recent updates to Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) includes requirement that certain federal contractors provide privacy training to segments of their workforce. The training obligation does not apply to all employees of contractors who are subject to the requirement, and the requirement does not apply to all federal contractors.  Read More

In the past several weeks, both houses of Congress have voted to do away with the Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces rule, also known as the "blacklist rule." Once President Trump signs the resolution Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces rule will be gone.  Read More

Contractors working with major federal agencies provided $438 billion in products and services in fiscal 2015, a 24 percent decline from fiscal 2011, according to a wide-ranging roundup from the Government Accountability Office.  Read More

The Department of Justice recently announced NY-based contractor, CA Inc. will pay $45 million to resolve allegations under the False Claims Act that it made false statements and claims in the negotiation and administration of a General Services Administration contract. CA is an information technology management software and services company.  Read More

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