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In April, President Trump signed an Executive Order on Buy American and Hire American (EO), with agencies acting recently to being implementation. Section 3 of the EO requires the heads of all federal agencies to, among other things: (i) assess the monitoring of, enforcement of, implementation of, and compliance with Buy American laws within their agencies; (ii) assess the use of BAA waivers within their agencies; and (iii) develop and propose policies to ensure federal funds maximize the use of materials produced in the United States. It also ordered the Department of Commerce (DOC) and the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) to issues guidance to agencies about how to comply with their obligations.  Read More

According to a recent Washington Post report, changes to Pentagon policy may be used to achieve some "Buy American" initiatives being called for by the Trump administration, in particular pushing foreign firms out of their supply chain.  Read More

In years past, July has meant preparation for the annual EEO-1 Report filing for many contractors and employers. Until this year, covered employers were required to file their reports no later than September 30, and the data submitted had to be from any pay period in July, August, or September.  Read More

One concern, among the many raised in response to the Trump administration's proposal to merge the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission with the Labor Department's Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs is relevant to the contracting community -- the possibility that the administrative process for banning a company from federal contracts could become politicized at the EEOC.  Read More

The Small Business Payment for Performance Act of 2017 (H.R. 2594), introduced by Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick (R-PA), allows contractors to submit a request for equitable adjustment (REA) – or an increase in fee – to the agency. The contractor may then bill the agency for any actual change order work completed while the REA is pending. Once the agency receives the REA, it must pay 50 percent of the billed change order work amount in a timely manner to offset extra costs.  Read More

Like all of President Trump's agency heads, Small Business Administration chief Linda McMahon is reviewing SBA programs hoping to make them more effective and efficient. We have to change, and if not, … those programs have to go," the administrator said at a recent industry conference.  Read More

In recent years, it had become common for a president’s budget request to encounter political resistance. So, it is not overly surprising to hear pundits declare the impossibility of seeing President Trump's budget proposal being enacted as it has been presented. But when the budget proposal is examined as it impacts contractors doing business with the federal government, the policy changes outlined in the budget request are of less immediate importance than the discretionary budget -- the annual appropriations that pay for federal workers, many federal grants and, in fiscal 2016, $476.5 billion in federal contract obligations.  Read More

Under the new leadership of Trump appointee Linda McMahon, the Small Business Administration has released its annual scorecard on federal agencies' small business contracting. The SBA's scorecard reports that the government overall met its mandatory goals for the fourth year running.  Read More

President Trump's 2018 budget, released earlier in the week, proposed to merge the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).  Read More

With the recent "WannaCry" ransomware cyber that struck in at least 74 countries, U.S. Federal contractors should expect that failing to heed directives to better protect government data in their care, could put their business with the government at risk.  Read More

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